Environmental, Health & Safety


Macro is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace while protecting the environment. Macro believes that both safety and protecting the environment is good business and that all work-related injuries, illnesses, property losses and adverse environmental impacts are preventable. It is critical to the success and effectiveness of our projects to ensure our workforce is adequately trained and qualified to perform construction activities. Macro strives through behaviour-based safety practices and works actively to improve environmental, health and safety performance.

Health & Safety

Macro’s core principles are of safety, integrity and respect. Macro strives to ensure every worksite supplies our personnel with a physically and psychologically safe atmosphere in order to successfully accomplish their work scope. Macro fosters a positive safety culture by investing in our personnel through inclusion, further training, mentorship and on the job experience. Macro’s Motto is - “Attitude is everything” and this shows through our ever-improving safety performance and execution.


Macro is committed to the preservation and protection of the local and global environment. Macro is conscious that our activities, because of their scale and scope, have the potential to have significant effects on the environment if not administered in compliance with established standards and practices. Macro and all personnel have a responsibility to society to act in ways consistent with set provincial and federal legislation to prevent negative effects on the environment. Macro affirms that all personnel will do their part by understanding, enforcing and ensuring that all applicable legislation and standards are met and where reasonably practicable, exceeded.

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For more information about Macro’s commitment to safety, please contact:

Toby Coyle
Corporate EHS Director

Chelsey Holland
Corporate EHS Advisor