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Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Quality Program Overview

At Macro, we specialize in pipeline and facility construction and maintenance for the oil and gas industry. Our corporate objective has and always will be to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, protecting the environment and providing our clients with the highest level of quality services.

Our quality program has been developed based upon ISO 9001 compliance and applicable regulatory requirements. It is comprised of well-established documents and records (i.e. manuals, procedures, plans and forms) which are implemented using a systematic approach to ensure that construction, inspection and testing activities are planned and performed in the most safe and efficient manner while adhering to all client and code requirements. Our quality program is annually reviewed, by the senior management team (SMT), and updated accordingly to ensure that the company is continually improving year over year.

Quality Vision

Our vision is to be a recognized leader in the oil and gas industry for:

  • maintained client satisfaction;
  • health and safety excellence;
  • environmental awareness;
  • quality culture and standards;
  • professional and well-trained workforce; and
  • innovative and competitive services

Quality Mission

Our mission is to satisfy the quality expectations and requirements of our clients, shareholders and the communities in which we work. We aim to provide the highest level of professional workmanship the first time, every time, while maintaining industry leading safety and quality standards throughout all phases of our projects.

Quality Goal

Our goal is to implement, enforce, review and update the quality program to:

  • continually improve services, product quality and client satisfaction from lessons learned;
  • maintain standardized and regulatory/code compliant quality processes and procedures;
  • reduce rework and prevent nonconformance; and
  • increase operational effectiveness and profitability.

Quality Objective

Our objective, and commitment of the SMT, is to consistently provide quality services that:

  • conform to our client’s contract obligations and design documents;
  • conform to our quality program processes and procedures;
  • comply with all applicable codes and regulations; and
  • deliver our client’s with reliable and sustainable pipelines and facilities.


For more information about Macro’s quality program please contact:


Neil Mombourquette, Quality Assurance and Control Manager
Office Phone: 250-785-0033